North Carolina

All those of the name Campbell are members of the Clan Campbell. Anyone wishing to be active in the Clan Campbell Society (North America), who can establish a reasonable presumption of descent through the male or female line from an ancestor who bore the surname Campbell or a recognized sept name, or is a friend of the Clan, is eligible for membership in the Society. Membership application forms are available from our main Clan Campbell Society (NA) website at . Or by contacting theClan Campbell Membership Chairman at:

Walter J. Campbell,

6412 Newcastle Rd.

Fayetteville, NC 28303-2137





There are 11 Regions making up the Clan Campbell Society of North America, each with it's own State Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners. Region IV consists of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.




North Carolina has a rich history in Scottish heritage. Being heavily settled with Scots and Scots-Irish, many residents can trace their heritage back to Scotland. With such a rich heritage it is only natural that many Clans have members here. This is especially true with Clan Campbell.

From the book, Carolina Scots, by Douglas F. Kelly with Caroline Switzer Kelly. (1739 Publications, 500 East Cleveland Street, Dillon, SC, 29536)

    "In 1739, the quiet lapping of dark waters against the thickly wooded banks of the Cape Fear River would have been disturbed by the sounds of men, women, and children talking excitedly in their native Gaelic, "Feuach, 's 'briagha a th'ann!"    (Look, isn't it lovely!). They had sailed in July, from Campbeltown, the main port of their home area of Argyll on the west of  Scotland following the recommendation of a committee of leading citizens. These men had already made an advanced trip to the Carolinas encouraged by the interest of the Governor, Gabriel Johnston, himself a Scot, who felt that the colony would be prospered by the addition of Highlanders. To attract such immigration, he offered free land grants and even possible exemption from taxation for a time period.
    Led by Neill Du MacNeill ("Black" Neil of Ardelay), this group of Gaelic speakers included, Armstrongs, McAlesters, Clarks, Colvins, Alexanders, McKays, McLaughlins, McLachlans, McNeills, McPhersons, Stevens, Buies, Camerons, McDuffies, McCranies, Pattersons, CAMPBELLS, Stewarts, Connors, Wards, McGaws, McDougalds, McGills, Smiths, and Smilies-- and as they fanned out into the surrounding sandhills during the next months, they set the pattern for future settlements, adapting their Scottish ways to the new environment."

The Clan Campbell tent is a heavily visited area at all five Games held in North Carolina. Currently the five Games are:

Loch Norman Highland Games, Huntersville, NC, usually held the third Saturday of April.

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, Linville, NC, the first weekend after the 4th of July.

Triad Highland Games, Archdale, NC, the third Saturday of August.

Flora MacDonald Highland Games, Red Springs, NC, the first Saturday in October.

Waxhaw Scottish Games, Waxhaw, NC, the last Saturday of October.

Clan Campbell Society (NA) figures heavily in each of these Games. There is always a tent set up for members and prospective members of the Society at these Games.

Clan Campbell Society (NA) commissioners for North Carolina are:

Ann Jackson, State Commissiner
Junny Jackson, Deputy State Commissioner

Edgar Thompson, Western NC Deputy
Franz David Cone, Central NC Deputy
Tim Berly, Charlotte Area Deputy
Neil Thompson, Eastern NC Deputy
Sandy Thompson Moore, Commissioner-at-Large